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FAQs on the self-service portal and DFØ app

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I am unable to log in to the self-service portal. What should I do?  

  • Please use this link to log on to the self service portal.
  • Try Remote Desktop from Windows start menu, then choose skrivebord.uib.no. When logged in you start a browser window and use the link for the self service portal.
  • Some users have experienced that if they have login problems, they can be solved by the previous suggestion, or by connecting their work computer to the UiB network using an ethernet cable and trying to log in for the first time while connected via ethernet cable. If this is successful, further login attempts should be successful via other networks and wi-fi.
  • Check the operations notices in UiBHjelp  
  • Get in touch, or report the incident via UiBHjelp.   

If you log on via DFØs website, please choose Feide as business. You will be redirected to Feide, and then log on as usual with your UiB-username and password. 

Do I need a UiB-funded phone to download the mobile app?  

No, you can download the app on to your own private phone.  

Can the app be used on all mobile phones?  

To use the app, you must have iOS10 or later on your Iphone, or version 6 or later on your Android. DFØ does not offer a version for Windows phones.   

Do i have to use the mobile app for DFØ?  

No, you can also use the web-based solution on your work PC.  

Is the DFØ app available in English?

The DFØ app is avaliable in english, change language under settings, user guide can be found here

Where can I find my payslip?  

You can find payslips both on the mobile app and in the web solution. In the app, select the menu item Payment, that is where the payslips are to be found. In the web-based solution, you will find this under Pay/Payslips. There will be separate payslips for salary and reimbursement of travel expenses, respectively.   

I do not find older pay slips from before January 2021 in the portal. What should I do?  

Submit an inquiry via UiBhjelp 

How do I register hours on a project?  

You can enter project under “K-element 7”. User guide here

How do I register flexible workinghours?

If you have a flexitime agreement, you must register attendance time every day. Attendance time can be registered between kl. 06: 00-21: 00 Monday-Friday (up to 12 hours), and between 07:00- 18:00 Saturdays (up to 5 hours) (ref. Employee handbook).

Due to the Corona situation, the core time has been put out of action until 31.08.2021. The system will show "red day" if you have not worked the entire core time, but this is allowed in the spring of 2021. When taking part of a day off, the flexitime balance is adjusted automatically, you will not see this until the next day. If you want to take a day off, you must make an absence application.

User guides for time registration can be found here

There is an error in My information in the self-service portal. How can I correct or change this information?

Under My Information you can change:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Bank account number
  • Family and contact person

User guide for my information can be found here.(only in Norwegian)

How can I change tax deductions?

In the self-service portal, select 'salary' and 'extra tax deduction'. Here you select the start month, amount and end month for the tax deduction. User guide can be found here (DFØ)

How can I add side tasks?

In the Self-service portal, select 'working conditions' and 'side tasks'. Fill out the form. User guide can be found here.(only in Norwegian)

My name has bees changed in my e-mail account and personal page at uib.no. How can I correct this?

In connection with the transition to a new payroll and personnel system at UiB, a number of employees have had their names changed in UiB's employee catalogues.  The reason for this is that the new payroll system now uses information from the National Population Registry Office as the basis for employee names. As the name in the new payroll system governs names in other systems, this means that many people have had their names changed elsewhere, for example their email account and personal page at www.uib.no.

NB! This applies only for employees who has a norwegian social security number. 

If you want to change the name that is currently registered in UiB's system, you must report this to the Payroll Section in UiB Help. The name will then be corrected shortly.

Please note: The name registrered in the payroll system is also transferred to the travel agency and other services, so it must be fully identifying for you.

It is also possible to only change the name displayed on uib.no. Log on to https://www.uib.no/login and select Edit.