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Betalmeg is DFØ’s self-service solution for contractors.

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“Betal Meg” (PayMe) is a self-service solution where external parties can submit travel expenses and expense reimbursements. 

In Betal Meg, you will also find an overview and details about payments, and see and change e.g. your bank account number.  

First time Access - Payme

In order to use the solution “Betal Meg” or the DFØ app, UiB/the client must have granted access.

Those who use BetalMeg must be registered in SAP. The contact person at UiB must submit the following information on behalf of the external user:

  • First name and last name
  • Norwegian birth and person no.
  • Private address (with street address, postcode and country)
  • Private email address
  • Mobile number with country code (active mobile used)
  • Bank account number
  • Posting where the cost is to be charged to the external

If it is a foreign account, bank information must be uploaded as an attachment.

  • Organization name
  • Cost center (name and number)
  • Subproject (name and no.)
  • Start date for travel / Date for outlay

If the person is foreign, a photo of the passport must also be submitted. This information is sent via UiBhjelp to the group: Salary.
Click here to get to UiBhjelp

private e-mail address, name, account number, birth and personal identity number, address and posting on where the cost is to be charged to the external user. This information is sent via UiBhjelp to the group: Salary.

You will then receive an e-mail with information that you have been granted access, and then log in via the ID Port. You can use MinID, BankID, BankID on mobile and Buypass to log in.   

Foreigners without BankId or MinId, will have to use a two-factor solution and will receive a one-time password via SMS when logging in.

User support Betal Meg: 

You will find a lot of help when you log in. In Betalmeg, you will find a chatbot named Lara. Lara provides help and guidance with the filling out of travel expenses and expense reimbursements.  

You can find Lara when you click on the question mark on the page. For example, the chatbot answers questions regarding  

  • how to fill out travel expenses accounts or the fee form  
  • what a fee is  
  • which public rates apply  
  • how to submit the form  

If Lara does not know the answer to your question, you can be transferred to an employee at DFØ’s customer centre.  

You can also call DFØ at 400 18 659 or send an e-mail to lonn@dfo.no