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Candidate to the University Board - Group A

Jarle Eid

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The University Board is the most important formal body at UiB. If I am elected as a member of the board from group A, I will bring my experiences from working at the department, center, and faculty level to the table. I strongly believe that the board must recognize and facilitate the continued development of the academic communities' autonomy, competences, and identity. UiB is an internationally recognized research university, and our strength lies in the disciplines, professions, and research units. Therefore, the research units legitimate need for stability and long-term perspective is a prerequisite for being able to establish interdisciplinary arenas internally and with the society around us. It is crucial that UiB maintains its position as an international research university, and at the same time also adapt and develop so that our knowledge and competence can inform education, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

I graduated as a clinical psychologist from UiB. After working for ten years with clinical and psychological tasks outside of the university, I returned to UiB in 1996. From 2005 I have been a professor in Work and Organizational Psychology with teaching, supervision, and various externally funded research projects. At the departmental level, I have experience as course coordinator, program chair, and research group leader. In 2009 I was elected vice dean and later dean for two periods from 2010-2017 at the Faculty of Psychology.

In my role as dean, I emphasized being close to the faculty administration, departments, and academic staff. Together we launched the "Study Quality Project" in 2014, a joint effort where we wanted to facilitate initiatives from the departments to develop and renew the academic programs. The process showed me that by involving the faculty and departments, focusing on a shared long-term goal supported by the faculty board, the departments and faculty were given an opportunity to change and transform the educational programs. Several new study programs, year units and improved transitional arrangements led to more students completing studies and degrees. The increased faculty income was funneled back to the departments in the form of more permanent faculty positions and intra-faculty funds were set aside to support continued investments in education and research.

I believe that global challenges also present national and local challenges here at UiB. The pandemic has shown us how quickly and unexpectedly a crisis can arise, but it has also shown that UiB is an organization with a solid academic foundation and resources. I believe we need to facilitate inclusive interdisciplinary meeting places and collaboration arenas. UiB has several cross-faculty initiatives and centers that spring from cooperation between solid research environments. In recent years, I have given priority to contributing to interdisciplinary initiatives such as through the establishment of the Alrek health cluster, SLATE, Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity, the Pandemic Center and last but not least, the Center for Crisis Psychology, where I am now the center manager.

This autumn, I was asked to be the leader of the search committee for the Rector election at UiB. I gladly said yes to this. I am convinced that it is very important that UiB in the future can continue to elect the rector and maintain vibrant university democracy. Should I be elected to represent group A on the university board, I will be an outspoken voice from group A in the next four-year period.