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Candidate to the University Board - Group B

Ingrid Ovidia Moe Telle

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Dear colleagues,

We are living at a time of unprecedented uncertainty, and we have learnt from the covid-19 pandemic that temporary academic employees are particularly exposed when the unforeseen hits us. I am running for election to give voice to PhD-candidates, research assistants and postdoctoral researchers at this troubled juncture!

The new UiB Strategy 2023–2030

One of the most important tasks for the university board in the next term is the drafting of the new university strategy, which will be in force for a very long time, from 2023-30. I am concerned that the temporary employees and our organizations must be listened to throughout the drafting process. I will work to maintain the autonomy and breadth of UiB as a classic research university, with a broad emphasis on basic research and disciplinary training as key to maintaining academic excellence and freedom. The strategy must also reflect that interdisciplinary research efforts on climate and the environment are existentially important.  

Post-pandemic research

The pandemic has caused disruption and delays in the work of many phd-candidates and postdoctoral fellows. It will take time to return to the ordinary workday, and society is still formed by a high rate of sick leave and home office work. I will work to ensure that UiB remains aware of the long-term effects of corona delays in the next year, by underscoring the need for sufficient resources for tutoring, co-worker councelling and funding for conference participation and networking.

Working conditions for temporary employees

Only 60% of temporary employees are given co-worker supervision («medarbeidersamtale»). The support infrastructure for research and teaching is not sufficient, particularly in times of physical or psychological stress and illness. This is profoundly important for us in temporary jobs at the  university, because we work at schedules and with a high degree of independent responsibility. As board representative, I will work in favour of developing the Careers centre and the occupational health  service, particularly the important psychological councelling servicel. We deserve the support we need to succeed with our research and teaching!

Communication with group B

As I see it, one of the most important tasks for the representative of the temporary employees in the University board is to keep in touch with our colleagues. I want to represent you, and therefore your thoughts and input is essential for me to do a good job. I will work systematically to ensure a running dialogue with the faculty board members, the organizations for the temporary employees (for instance UiB Doc, the PhD organizations and the labour unions). I will work to ensure that the organizations for temporary employees are given enough funding to continue their important work for group B togetherness, common interests and needs. And I will continue the good work of the last board members in establishing. My door will always be open!

About me

I am a PhD candidate at the institute for economics. My research focuses on investment in human capital in young adults, particularly in the health sector. Before becoming a PhD candidate, I’ve worked as (temporary) administrative leader of the Holberg Prize and as a research assistant at DIGSSCORE, and in the staff of Festspillene i Bergen. Last but not least, I am the proud mother of two children of four and six years.Please, do not hesitate to contact me on phone (41514781) or e-mail (ingrid.o.telle@uib.no) if you have questions, thoughts or input!