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Psychological Support Groups for Ph.D and early career scientists

As a young researcher, challenges may arise that you don't quite know how to handle. Psychologist Andreas H. Schei invites you to a group workshop where you can take a closer look at the challenges young researchers face.

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What is this: 
We will have a shared conversation where we talk about the issues that you bring into the group. Most of the time the topics brought up turn out to be common experiences for many/all ph.ds and post docs. In sharing and talking about this together we can share support, insights and solutions on how to handle it. Many experience relief to know that they are not alone in their struggles. It is open for any faculty, it is held in English and no issue is too small or too big to bring. The feedback has been very positive, and people leave feeling refreshed, having renewed hope, experiencing community and solidarity. 

How do we do it: 
The format is a three-hour session where all participants bring a work-related problem, emotional and/or concrete. If it is something in your private life that messes up your work, then that is totally okay to bring. You are also very welcome to come to these groups if you are just starting up your Ph.D. and using the group as a preventive measure to deal with stress and problems before they get serious. Many people say afterwards – “Ohh, I did not think I had anything to share… turns out there is plenty after all!” It is you who knows what you need support with for you to thrive in your life and work. In the group you will have the opportunity to present your issue, before leaning back and experience the group exploring this issue on your behalf. This is a powerful intervention that brings emotional support, insights, and practical solutions to what can seem impossible on your own.  

Sign-up: There are limited spots for the group, and if all is fully booked, we encourage you to sign- up on the waiting list. If you cannot participate, we ask you to give notice as soon as possible so someone else can take your spot. 

The group will be led by Andreas H. Schei, an experienced psychologist at the Occupational Health Service (BHT) at UiB. On sign-up you will receive an email with additional information. If all places are booked, we recommend that you sign up on the waitlist.