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Election 2024 - University Board

Candidate Sergej Tchirkov

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Dear colleagues,

We are living in challenging times, and our university, along with the entire higher education sector, is not exempt. The position of temporary employees becomes particularly fragile due to these circumstances.

On one hand, temporary employees are particularly vulnerable to the current turbulence, given the unpredictability of our future careers. On the other hand, establishing a safe and sustainable environment is essential for development, both within academia and beyond. While I cannot (and will not) promise to create such an environment, I am committed to listening to individual concerns, identifying common problems, evaluating them according to current laws and regulations, and presenting a summary of these issues to the university leadership, as well as doing my best to ensure that a sustainable and safe space emerges as a result of our joint efforts.

It is equally important to me to ensure the integration of temporary employees into the university community – this includes taking responsibility for our future colleagues. Therefore, I advocate for long-term initiatives aimed at contributing to the sustainable development of the university as a free and secure space for knowledge production. Dialogue plays a crucial role in this endeavor – not only must all voices be heard, but they must also be listened to, recognized, and integrated into shaping the present and future of our university.

An essential aspect of my approach to the role of University board member involves ensuring multidimensional communication:

  1. I believe it is imperative to engage with individual employees and representatives of boards and organizations across UiB.
  2. It is crucial not only to listen but also to summarize information and bring issues to open discussions at the board.
  3. In order to enhance the working environment for temporary employees, improving collaboration and informal exchange between faculties is essential. As a member of UiB’s youngest faculty – the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music, and Design – I have consistently sought to foster cooperation with colleagues from other faculties, which has significantly contributed to my work and personal development. Therefore, I will endeavor to strengthen ties with representatives of faculties, institutes, career and volunteer organizations relevant to temporary employees.
  4. Recognizing that the university is not isolated but interconnected with society, I believe that communication and sharing beyond academia are equally vital.

With experience serving as an institute and faculty board member, and member of the central election board, I have developed skills in various communication modes, fostering a culture of discussion, and acquiring competencies in practical matters such as budgeting, establishing platforms for exchanges, providing psychological support for temporary employees, and offering career guidance. I am confident that these skills will contribute to more effective work at the University board.

I thank you for your consideration and remain open to your ideas, suggestions and feedback: sergej.tchirkov@uib.no

About me:
I work as a PhD candidate in artistic research at the Grieg Academy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Music, and Design. My research focuses on reassessing traditional notions in the Western art canon, as well as on co-creation, sharing, and mediation of musical practices for broad audiences. In addition to my research and performing activities, I have been part of various non-profit organizations for contemporary music in Bergen. During the last two years, I had the honor of representing Gruppe B in the institute board, faculty board, and UiB central election board.