Employee Pages

New employee pages

The old intranett.uib.no is now closed, and the employee pages are the new official information channel for employees. These pages provide information and documents relating to your employment and day-to-day work.

Main content

The employee pages are webpages for everyone who works at the University in Bergen.

We are gradually expanding the information available in English as more information is translated.

Open externally

You don't need to be connected to UiB’s network to access the employee pages. The website is open to everyone.  A small number of pages, like the employee handbook, are only accessible to those who are logged in as UiB users.

The start page contains the most recent news together with a selection of events that may be of interest to employees.

The main menu presents different links to subject areas. These areas collect relevant information relating to a larger area (e.g. research, welfare, HSE).

Suggestions and comments?

Feel free to comment the employee pages, positively or negatively. We will take them into account in our ongoing development and improvement work.

E-mail: ansattred@uib.no