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International media contact

Do you have research news that may be of interest to a large audience outside of Norway?

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The Communication division can send a press release about new UiB research. In general, this is done in connection with publication in renowned international academic journals.

Get in touch with us well in advance – preferably while you are working on the article or as soon as you know it has been accepted. Email mediekontakt@uib.no.

Write a brief text describing the main points from your research and important facts. Think about what may be of interest to a regular newspaper reader or television viewer.

If we are able to prioritise your story, we write a press release targeting the general public.

Good images or video increases the chances of your story being picked up in the media.

Be prepared that an international launch requires time and effort from you. You must be the contact person for media inquiries, possibly in collaboration with a colleague. If the story breaks internationally, you may receive tens of inquiries over a few days.

We use the press release services Alpha Galileo and EurekAlert!, which distribute research news to thousands of journalists worldwide. In our experience, a press release with a good news angle will be noted and quoted by international media. However, in Norway journalists prefer exclusive tips.