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English workshop in academic writing for PhD students

This is a two-day workshop in academic writing where the focus is on how to produce academic English, not the writing process.

Main content

The workshop will be relevant for all disciplines at UiB and judging from past evaluations it will be useful for both international and Norwegian PhD students at all levels. The workshop include individual discussion of edited text submitted by participants before the course. As the use of web resources is central, participants should bring a tablet or laptop.

Workshop topics:

  • Characteristics of academic writing
  • Readability
  • Word order
  • Avoiding typical errors
  • Nominalization
  • Web resources
  • Stylistic issues and style guides
  • Varieties of English
  • Structure and format
  • Editing your work

Learning outcomes:

The workshop will help participants to write texts and thesis at an acceptable level in academic English. Participants will become familiar with a variety of web-based resources, including on-line courses.

Target group:

PhD students at UiB in all disciplines. The workshop will be in English.

Working methods;

A short presentation of a theme will be followed by excercises. There will also be individual discussion of the text participants submit before the workshop.

Date, shedule:

12.-13. October from 09.00-16.00 both days. We can adjust the timing of the last session each day as this will be for individual discussion. This will enable some participants to leave early if they need to get to the kindergarten or lab etc.


Stewart Clark, Senior Adviser, NTNU and English language consultant.