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Contracts and legal councelling

The Division of Research Administration offer counselling and legal assistance for preperation and processing of contracts for externally funded research projects.

The Division of Research Administration offers legal counseling for all research projects that involves contracts and other binding documents. We can be of assistance in the preparatory phase, with processing contracts and give advice on issues that emerge during the project period.

All research collaboration in which UiB is involved shall be based on contracts. As a rule, the University of Bergen contract templates shall be used.

Our legal team will draw up contract proposals for your project based on templates and individual agreements. Which type of contract(s) that best suits a research project depends in part on how the project will be funded. Main categories for financial support are as follows:

1. Research funded by the Norwegian Research Council

All projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) shall have grounding in an agreement with the NFR. FA provide assistance in negotiating and preparing the contract and cooperation agreements with partners.

2. Research funded by EU (Horizon 2020, ERC Grants etc.)

We assist in the negotiation and preparation of the contract with the EU and with consortium, cooperative or confidentiality agreements.

3. Research funded by others

Research funded with support from other parties can be divided into two main categories: collaboration projects and commissioned projects. The classification is important both for the project plan, accounting, organization and implementation of the project.

A collaboration project is characterized in that it is based on a collaboration between UiB and an external party, and that there is balance with regard to how the parties should contribute to the project.

A commissioned project is characterized in that the UiB will conduct research for an employer, where there are clear requirements for what UiB will deliver to hold up their end of the agreement.

The commissioning party retains the right to amend the project, file complaints or even cancel the contract.

4. Other types of contracts

  • Letters of intent / Memorandum of Understanding
  • Framework agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Gifts and donations
  • Confidentiality Agreements