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Norwegian language courses

Free language courses in Norwegian are offered to UiB employees.

Foreign employees at the UiB and their spouses/partners

  1. International agreement and programme students
  2. Refugees and immigrants with a resident permit
  3. If any available places left: guest researchers

The university encourage all international researchers to learn Norwegian while working in Norway. For spouses/partners of international researchers, learning Norwegians may be necessary in order to be considered for any jobs at all.

More information about the courses, admission and application

About work load 

Please be aware that the Norwegian courses offered at the university involve 75 % attendance in class, commitment to study and an ordinary language exam in the end. You should consider the work load with a full job and a Norwegian course in addition. New permanent staff should discuss their total work load with their superior when they start studying Norwegian. A Norwegian course at normal progression is estimated to be the equal work load as 50 % studies (15 credits per semester). If you attend a fast progression course, this means you will do 15 credits during 8 weeks.

Courses outside of the university, are usually less demanding courses.

Application deadline for first time applicants

The first  

External Norwegian course

Courses outside of the university, are usually less demanding courses. Foreign employees at the UiB and their spouse/partner, may apply to get the course fee for external course reimbursed. Send email to the HR-division: post@hr.uib.no


Nygårdskole is a language school belonging to Bergen municipality (kommune). Norwegian courses are offered at different levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2. New participants, who know a little bit Norwegian, are examined first to determine their suitable course level.
Below you will find more information about Nygårdskole:



Folkeuniversitetet is another option for learning Norwegian. Norwegian courses here are also offered at all levels - from elementary to advanced (A1- C1). The courses at level A1 and A2 are for those with little or no knowledge of Norwegian.

After level B you can continue with a course called “Testforberedende”. This course is suitable for those who are preparing for “Higher level Norwegian Test” known as Bergenstest. Most employers in Norway are familiar with this test. By passing this test your Norwegian knowledge is approved. 

More information about all courses and different levels at folkeuniversitetet can be found at:


Online Courses: It is also possible to learn Norwegian online. If you are a busy person, you can try this way of learning!

Pronunciation training: http://www.ntnu.edu/isl/calst-for-learners

Migranorsk offers self-study learning options in Norwegian on level "Start", A1, A2, B1 and B2:  http://www.migranorsk.no/

Norwegian on the web: http://www.ntnu.edu/learnnow/

Exploring Norwegian Grammar: http://exploringnorwegiangrammar.cappelendamm.no