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Norwegian language courses

Free language courses in Norwegian are offered to UiB employees.

The following three categories can apply for admission to the Norwegian language courses at UiB:

  1. Foreign employees at the UiB and their spouses
  2. International agreement and programme students
  3. Refugees and immigrants with a resident permit
  4. If any available places left: guest researchers

The university encourage all international researchers to learn Norwegian while working in Norway. For spouses/partners of international researchers, learning Norwegians may be necessary in order to be considered for any jobs at all.

But please be aware that the Norwegian courses offered at the university involve 75 % attendance in class, commitment to study and an ordinary language exam in the end. You should consider the work load with a full job and a Norwegian course in addition. New permanent staff should discuss their total work load with their superior when they start studying Norwegian. A Norwegian course at normal progression is estimated to be the equal work load as 50 % studies (15 credits per semester). If you attend a fast progression course, this means you will do 15 credits during 8 weeks.

More information about the courses, admission and application

Another option is to study Norwegian outside of the university, these are less demanding courses. There are several options - read more at the bottom of this page: External Norwegian courses.

For category 1 (Foreign employees at the UiB and their spouses), you may get the course fee for external course reimbursed if you apply for this to the HR-division: post@hr.uib.no