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The student card’s range of use

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1 Access card

  The student card acts as an access card to the buildings and premises on the 
  university campus to which the student has rights of access. When swiping
  your card, some readers will also require a PIN code which is the same as
  used when logging on to the Student Web (semester registration and exam
  registration). If you change your PIN code, your student card will be updated
  automatically within twelve hours.


2 Discount card

  In order to obtain discounts, the studentbevisapp or the student card together with semester card for the applicable semester
  must be shown.


3 Library card for the University Library

   On the back of the card there is a bar code that automatically gives
   youaccess to the University Library’s services when the semester fee has
   ben paid.


4 Printing and photo copying card

  The card can also be used for scanning, copying and printouts on the multi
  function machines and printers at UoB provided money has been paid to a
  specified account number (it.uib.no/pullprint for further info)


5 Admission to Student Welfare organisation’s (SIB) gyms

   If paying a subscription fee at the gyms, SIB can activate your student card.
   In order to obtain this you have to show the studentbevisapp or a valid semester card.


!! Lost student card

  By loss of student card, you have to report the loss/theft at the Card Centre
  ASAP. A replacement card can be issued for the cost of NOK 150,-.  
  Payment must be done with bank- or credit card by using the bank terminal
  at the front desk at the Card Centre.

  Remaining PullPrint amount will automatically be transferred to the new 
  card, but it may take a few days to register. Likewise for the BIBSYS
  update. If subscription fee has been paid to SIB for gym facilities, SIB must
  update your new card.


!! Defective cards

   If the card is broken, demagnetised or worn out, a replacement card free of
   charge will be issued at the Card Centre. The defective card MUST BE