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Guidelines for the use of the student card at the University of Bergen

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  1. Issue of student cards

    When a student card is collected, it is programmed for basic access to the faculty that the student has been admitted to. The card is personal and must not be transferred to or in any other manner entrusted to, or used by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued. When the card is issued, the card holder must supply his/her photo, which is electronically transferred to the card and to studentbevisapp. This information is saved in a register and can be used for the production of replacement cards and for control purposes.  If misuse or any other type of irregularity is discovered, UoB may block some or all of the functions to which the card gives access.

  2. The card’s period of validity

    The card is valid in combination with studentbevisapp or a receipt showing that the semester fee has been paid. When a student concludes his/her studies at UoB, or does not pay the semester fee, UoB will block the functions to which the card gives access.

  3. Protecting the card and code

    The card holder must ensure that unauthorised persons do not gain access to the card. The personal code must not be given to anyone. The code, which must be memorised, is identical to the access code for the StudentWeb. If the code is written down, it must be done in such a manner that others cannot link the code to use of the student card. The written code must not be kept together with or near the card.

  4. Reporting the loss of student cards

    If  the student card is lost or stolen, the Card Centre must be notified immediately. All rights will be stopped. UoB demands payment for issuing a replacement student card.

  5. Use of the student card

    The student card is used electronically or manually (visually) in accordance with the regulations which apply to each of its functions. Some of the functions must first be activated by someone in or at the UoB entity that is  responsible for the function. If security issues make it necessary,  UoB can limit the card’s areas of use and make other changes to security procedures or similar, notwithstanding the above regulations. UoB must notify the card holder as soon as possible.

  6. Registration and use of information on student cards

    The University of Bergen has electronic access to selected doors/functions in its buildings. This is to protect the lives and health of employees and students, and protect information and values ​​that are important for the operation of the university. Only the cardholder may give consent to see the log corresponding to the card number, or the police if a charge is brought. The information saved links the card number to the name, time and door/card reader, and is deleted after 30 days. Only employees working at the Card Centre have access to the stored information.

  7. Responsibility for misuse of the student card by others  

    If the card holder has intentionally allowed others to use the student card, this may lead to the loss of rights that the card holder is entitled to and to sanctions pursuant to other regulations, including  exclusion from studies or exams.

  8. Complaints or correction of errors

    If the use of the student card has led to an incident, which the card holder believes to be incorrect, he/she is obliged to notify the Card Centre as soon as possible. If UoB so requests, such notification shall be made in writing. UoB shall immediately analyse such complaint or notification of errors and take corrective measures. In cases in which an error has occurred that can be attributed to UoB’s procedures or equipment, UoB shall to a reasonable extent help to ensure that this does not result in significant inconvenience for the card holder.