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Lost/defective cards

If you lose your student card you must advise the Card Centre immediately.

Lost/defective cards

If your card is lost or does not work, you must contact the Card Centre as soon as possible.

Replacing a lost card costs NOK 150, which must be paid using a bank card or credit card.

Defective cards must be handed in, to avoid being charged for a new card.

Access will be automatically transferred from the old card to the new one.

Note! If a new card is issued to replace a lost one, there will be a new card number. The new card will not work on pullprint or BIBSYS until the next working day (amounts paid in will be automatically transferred to the new card).)

If you have paid a membership charge at the SIB training centre, SIB must programme access on the new card.


Do not make any holes in the card!

The card may not work if you make a hole in it.