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Do you want to participate in Forsker grand prix? Application deadline 15 May!

UiB is looking for PhD-candidates to participate in Forsker grand prix Bergen 2015.

Audun Havnen og Florian Sambraus holder pokal og blomster
Fjorårets vinner og andreplass i Forsker grand prix Bergen: Audun Havnen og Florian Sambraus
Øyvind Ganesh Eknes

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Participating in Forsker grand prix will give you an unique opportunity to develop your presenting skills!

During four sessions in September, the candidates will be working closely with a team of communication experts and an actor, who will provide them with techniques and advice on how to become a better presenter. They will also be given advice on how to approach the media.

Remember that there are many people out there that is, would and could be interested in your research! Don’t believe that your area of research might be too narrow or that it doesn’t fit into Forsker grand prix.

Please also note that participating in Forsker grand prix can count towards your PhD.


Application deadline 15 May!

Please contact Silje Vik Pedersen if you have any questions and for further information about how to apply: Silje.Pedersen@uib.no,  55 58 69 20/ 980 11 700.
In the selection process we will be looking for your personal motivation for participating, and also that the selected candidates represent a broad range of subject matters.


For further information about Forsker grand prix:

Please see Forskningsdagene i Bergen's website.

Watch last year’s final in Bergen on web TV, where we did have two English speaking participants, at NRK Kunnskapskanalen.