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Preparations for travelling, credit card, booking using a travel agent, travel insurance and settlement of travel expenses.

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Travel preparations

Travel must be carried out in the quickest and cheapest way possible for the state, taking into account all expenses, and with an efficient and responsible completion of the travel/task.


Travel must be approved in advance by your leader.  

Credit card agreement - offer for employees

All employees at the university may apply for a credit card to be used for travel expenses.

Previous agreements with American Express and Diners have been finalised. The new agreement with Eurocard is free of charge for the employee, and can only be used for work related travel expenses.


With the new credit card agreement, advances should not be necessary any more. For exceptions, an application form for travel advances is found in Forms summary (NO).

Foreign guests requiring a travel advance prior to departure provisionally register air travel in advance using a copy of the ticket and then send in the original ticket on settlement.