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Preparations for travelling, credit card, booking using a travel agent, travel insurance and settlement of travel expenses.

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When you are planning a trip  


The University of Bergen has a travel policy that applies to all employees at UiB.  

UiB's travel policy includes two main components:

  • A travel planner checklist
  • Guidelines for prioritizing flights  

Checklist for planning your trip

1. Please consider the following alternatives:

  • Is this journey actually necessary? 
  • Can the journey be replaced by a video conference?
  • Can I use a different means of transport?
  • Can I opt for a different route home?
    Returning by train will reduce the emissions for your journey with almost 50%

2. Plan, prioritize and combine:

  • Can several short journeys be combined?
  • Can I do several things on the same trip? A censor can also hold a seminar, or you and your collaborator are going to the same conference and could schedule a meeting?
  • Is it necessary that censors travel in by plane? Is it sufficient for one censor to be flown in, while the other one can participate via video conference?  

3. Reduce the climate footprint of your events: 

  • Internal meetings/seminars must be held locally
  • Avoid adding internal meetings/seminars to places you have to fly to
  • Consider whether Teams or Zoom might be an option

Guideline for prioritizing flights  

This list is a guide for individuals and departments in their efforts to reduce emissions from travel. The list has been set up to screen the academic and strategic activities, so that trips linked to academic activity and trips to maintain the university’s interests are given priority. It will still be up to each individual department to decide which journeys should be given priority.  

The following objectives should be given priority:  

  • Necessary travel for data collection
  • Collaborative projects where meetings cannot be conducted on video etc.
  • Presentations at conferences 
  • Travels to maintain UiB's interests at various levels (e.g., meeting with the Ministry of Education and Research, negotiations, and strategy meetings).