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Preparations for travelling, credit card, booking using a travel agent, travel insurance and settlement of travel expenses.

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Travel insurance

Employees who travel can be covered by insurance through special state agreements or the credit card company.

There are several special agreements that include insurance or compensation provisions for employees on business travel. These provisions cover damage to/loss of luggage, accidents leading to death or medical disability and cover for occupational injury. Comprehensive information and links to the special agreements are found in The Norwegian State Personnel Manual point 4 (NO).

If the travel costs are paid using the credit card obtained through UiB, the employee can be covered by the travel insurance included in the credit card agreement. Further information regarding the insurance agreement can be obtained from the credit card companies. Employees cannot be required to obtain a credit card for use in connection with business travel, but employees who have their annual charge for a credit card covered through an agreement must use this for business travel.

Insurance for fieldwork and expeditions

Provisions regarding insurance in connection with fieldwork and expeditions may be found in The Norwegian state's guidelines for fieldwork (NO) and in Special agreement for reimbursement etc. for expeditions (NO).

Reporting damage, loss and travel accidents

Applications for compensation for loss or damage to luggage are settled in the individual unit. Claims concerning death or occupational injury, are notified and handled by the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

The claim must also be notified to the credit card company if travel was purchased using a credit card. Click here to claim if you have a credit card obtained through UiB.