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UiB.no gets a facelift

The newly redesigned web pages for The University of Bergen web will go live Thursday 10 December.

Illustration of the new web pages
NEW DESIGN: The new uib.no emphasizes a clean look and easy navigation.

Main content

“It is important that the changes will go into effect now, so that the university web pages will be ready when the student recruitment season starts in January,” says Hans-Petter Isaksen, head of web and digital at the Communication Division.

The new design is based on the university’s graphic profile, and will go live on Thursday 10 December. The visual changes will bring the graphic elements of UiB on screen and on paper closer together.


Better for students

Around 30 to 40 per cent of all web traffic to uib.no is student related.

“We have made changes to better accommodate the student demographic. Study information has been given priority in the new design, and prospective students will have an easier task finding the information they need,” says head of the redesign project, Trude Leknes.

Among other changes, students will see a clear visual link between the study prospectus and the design on UiB.no.


Only visual changes

Oonly the visual presentation is being changed. All content and functionality will remain the same, including logins and publishing tools.

The Communication Division has established contacts in every institute, who may choose to make editorial changes to their content to adapt to the new design.

“The content creators will have a lot more options within this new design, and we want them to be aware of and make use of them,” Leknes says.


A cleaner look

In the process of designing the new web pages, user tests have been carried out with employees, students and prospective students. Popular pages have been made more visible, and there has been an emphasis on creating a clean look with larger images and type, as well as more space on the pages.

“We will continue our work to improve functionality and content on UiB.no. The Communication Division has a responsibility to define what we want to achieve with the content on our web pages,” says Isaksen.