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BTO will handle clinical studies on behalf of owners’ Institutions and researchers

Bergen Teknologioverføring will from January 2016 handle clinical studies on behalf of owners’ Institutions and researchers.

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Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (BTO) is the technology transfer office set up by the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, Institute of Marine Research, SIVA and Bergen University College. Since its inception in December 2004, BTO has been involved in over 150 commercialisations. BTO’s goal is to help researchers commercialise their research results to ensure that knowledge and inventions benefit individuals, society and industry. Alongside the commercialisation of owners/partners research, BTO also assist researchers and companies with services such as IP management, strategy, management, business development, innovation and general support.

New business area

In 2015 Innovest’s owners decided that BTO should become the vehicle for managing clinical studies on behalf of owners’ Institutions and researchers. By acquiring the business of Innovest AS, BTO will gain; 19 years of experience involved in managing clinical studies, current knowhow, a solid network of researchers / study teams at the hospital, and a widespread network of industry collaborators, pharmaceutical- and medical devices industry and CRO organisations.

In practice customers from industry, will meet the same personnel and the same competence at BTO as provided by Innovest AS. BTO will be responsible for preparation of the clinical study agreements, including budgeting and negotiating with the various departments at the hospital. The administrative work related to the financial part of the agreements will be prolonged. Separate research accounts will be established for each project at BTO.

Best of both

This acquisition of Innovest´s operations will allow BTO to support researchers and their teams in any phase of research work. By this, we create a “one-contact point” structure for researchers. BTO will do its best to keep Innovest’s professionalism combined with flexibility and hands-on delivery, from a small organisation into a solid larger organisation. 

The process has started

A request for transferral of all ongoing studies have been signed by the Principal Investigators, their Heads of departments, Innovest and BTO, and these will be sent to the various industry customers during the following weeks. When all contractual parties have accepted the transfer will take place. We will do our best to support both researchers and the industry in getting their clinical studies performed, and thereby to ensure the patients access to new investigational therapies.



For any further questions, please contact:

Anders Haugland, CEO

Mobile: +47 926 02 381

E-mail: anders.haugland@bergento.no