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"Responsiveness, Repression, and China's Shrinking Civic Spaces" by Christian Göbel, University of Vienna.

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Welcome to a new lecture in the "Current affairs in China" series this spring semester: Responsiveness, Repression and China’s Shrinking Civic Spaces.

Repression has increased under Xi Jinping, but so has online participation. Christian Göbel, Chair of China Studies at the University of Vienna, resolves this apparent paradox by showing how the regime uses public participation to monitor local officials, while at the same time cracking down on activities that had been tolerated previously. Citizens are faced with the choice of expressing their grievances through state-sanctioned channels, or risk punishment if they engage in unsanctioned participation. As a result, the gray zone in which citizens engage with the state through protest, satire and intellectual reflection is disappearing.

The lecture is funded by the European Research Council. 

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