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Accountability of Corporate Actors

"The Chinese Firm: From Social Responsibility to Social Credit" by Constantin Holzer, Cork University College,

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Welcome to a new lecture in the "Current affairs in China" series this spring semester: The Chinese Firm: From Social Responsibility to Social Credit.

The strengthening of China's state sector under the current leadership and the rise of the digital economy have led to significant changes in state-business relations and the regulatory environment for Chinese firms. While the advent of the 'Social Credit System' has terminated Chinese companies' strategic autonomy from the state, can it promise a level playing field for business and 'good governance with Chinese characteristics'?

Constantin Holzer, Lecturer in Chinese Business at the Department of Asian Studies at University College Cork, will explain the paradigmatic shift from 'Corporate Social Responsibility' to 'Corporate Social Credit' and its broader ramifications for state-business relations and entrepreneurship in China.

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