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Germany-China Relations

"The Struggle of Values and Economic Interests in Germany’s Post-Merkel Era" by Jens Damm, European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (Tübingen).

Bundestag, Germany
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Under Angela Merkel’s leadership, Germany-China relations primarily aimed to enhance Germany’s business ties with China. Unlike many Anglo-Saxons, but also some smaller East European countries, Germany was very reluctant to play the “human rights card” when dealing with China, and Merkel strongly warned against a European (and Western in general) “decoupling” from China. Critics accused Merkel of turning a blind eye to China’s human rights record. Within the new government, the pragmatic approach of foreign policy faces strong resistance. While Olaf Scholz (Social Democrats) is very much in line with his predecessor, the new foreign minister Annalena Baerbock (The Greens) urges a tougher stance against Beijing. This lecture analyzes these new developments and the potential ramification of Baerbock as the new foreign minister on German-China relations. 

Recording of lecture

The lecture was recorded and can be seen here: 

Germany-China Relations: "The Struggle of Values and Economic Interests in Germany’s Post-Merkel Era