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Language tandem

Practice your French with a native speaker

Grab the opportunity to improve your French skills with a language partnership. All students and staff from UiB are welcome to join this language tandem

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Here is your opportunity to practice with a native French speaker from the University of Lorraine, in Nancy (France). In exchange you will be spending half the time speaking English with your partner.This is an eTandem offer, where you will be paired with a French speaking student or university employee who will fit your profile as much as possible (gender, age, topics of interests, etc).Once you are partnered up, you will have to meet online for a minimum of 6 times. And we will organize a couple online meetings:

  1. a kick-off meeting to help you set things in motion,
  2. a follow up meeting, if you need additional inspiration for discussion topics or small activities with your eTandem partner.

Participants who meet the requirement of at least 6 sessions with their e-tandem partners will receive a certificate.

What is eTandem?

  • Two persons with different mother tongues agree to regularly meet online to discuss in their languages and support each other in their learning.
  • The two linguistic partners are completely autonomous: they themselves choose the pace and place of their meetings, the content of their exchanges and the mode of correction that suits them.
  • The objective is both linguistic and cultural, making it possible to learn about the culture of the other while practicing foreign languages.
  • E-Tandem is brought to you by the French section at the Department of foreign languages at UiB and the UFR LANSAD at the Université de Lorraine, Nancy.
  • It is free of charge.

Who can praticipate?

  • All students and staff from UiB interested in perfecting their French skills with a language partnership.