Thematic area: General Practice
RESEARCH | Health promotion, migration and health


Health promotion, migration and health (HEMIX) is a research group focusing on low-threshold interventions with a holistic understanding of health. Much of the research is targeted towards persons with substance use disorders and migrants, but a substantial focus is also on public health perspectives. Our aim is to facilitate good research and competence on health promotion with a wider perspective, migration and health.

Main content

The research group HEMIX is attached to Institute for global health and community medicine with close collection to Haukeland University Hospital where several of the members are employed.

Other associated members:

  • Siri Dalsmo Berge (AFU candidate)
  • William Hazell (Bergen municipality)
  • Åsgeir Kjetland Rabben (Bergen municipality)

Other projects:

  • Bergen in Change (the BeE-study) (led by Silje Mæland, Lars Fadnes, Stine Lehmann, and William Hazell)
  • Healthy Life Centers for health promotion in Norway (led by Eivind Meland)
  • Health services across borders (led by Thomas Mildestvedt together with groups of pediatrics specialists)
  • Food4healthyLife (led by Lars Fadnes)
  • Inncovid Norway (led by Esperanza Diaz)
  • Methadone study (led by Fatemeh Chalabianloo)
  • TANNKLAR (led by Anne N. Åstrøm and Lars Fadnes)
  • The public health project in Sogn and Fjordane (led by Eivind Meland)

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