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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Bruker (situated at department of Biology)

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The XRF (X-ray fluorescence) spectrometer is located at the Department of Biology. It is a sequential S4 PIONEER X-ray Spectrometer from Bruker and is mostly used for main element analysis. The instrument is equipped with an X-ray tube with a rhodium anode and a 75 μm Be-window, analyzer crystals (LIF (200), LIF (220), PET, OVO-55), a fine and coarse collimator, a high transmission thin window flow counter for light elements as well as a scintillation counter for heavy elements. The spectrometer offers relatively fast and non-destructive analyses. Everything is based on the principle that chemical elements are determined by measuring their characteristic radiation.Sample preparation for main elements includes pulverization and loss on ignition (at 1000° C). The powder is blended with a flux and fused beads are produced in a Claisse-Fluxy.