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iEarth is a national consortium aiming to transform geoscience education in Norway. Through student activite and learning-based practice, the next generation of Earth Scientists will be trained to meet the societal challenges we face today and in the future. The centre includes departments in Earth science at UiO, UiT, UiB and UNIS, together aiming to achieve the title as a Centre for Excellence in Education in 2019.

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The challenges posed by global environmental changes and the increasing demand for Earth’s finite resources underscore the dependence of future civilization upon improved Earth System knowledge. In Norway, this challenge is particularly evident in navigating the juxtaposition between our role as a global energy supplier and our ambition to be a world leader in environmental management. Identifying and addressing these future challenges therefore requires new thinking about the modern geoscients role in society, and a correspondingly new orientation in our geoscience education. The result is iEarth (Center for Integrated Earth Science Education), a national network consisting of geoscience education and research institutions at UiB, UiO, UiT and UNIS, which will work together to create a future-oriented and innovative learning environment.

Together with students, we will focus on teaching methods, new technology, and education adapted to a future labor market. With the aim of achieving the status of the Center for Excellence in Education (SFU) in 2019, iEarth will, in the coming years, move the boundaries of geoscience education in the country.

To achieve this, iEarth has defined five progression domains;


1. Shaping the future - meeting tomorrow's social challenges

Focus on the importance of geoscience education in response to global challenges.

2. Students' learning environment

Focus on the student's learning process and active development of their generic skills.

3. Teacher's learning environment

Focus on building a collaborative culture within teaching and evidence-based learning practices.

4. Field Learning

Focus on the unique opportunities and challenges of field teaching and integration of field in a coherent learning progression.

5. Alumni and dissemination

Focus on establishing a close interaction between iEarth and potential employers in the private sector and the public sector to secure a dialogue to guarantee maximum relevance for our curriculum.


Find out more about iEarth on www.iearth.no