Department of Earth Science

Announcement of election of new department board members to the Department of Geosciences

Members representing all groups (staff and students) to the Department Board are to be elected for the period of - group B and D 1.8.2021-31.7.2022, group A and C 1.8.21-31.7.2025 . We hereby ask for nominations - deadline 23. March 2021.


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Announcement - election to the department council in the spring of 2021

Gr. A – number of suggestions: 8                                        
Elected as a member:

  • Anna Nele Meckler
  • William Shedd Helland-Hansen
  • Desiree Lisette Roerdink
  • Stephane Rondenay

Elected as a deputy member:
1.    vara: Mathilde Bøttger Sørensen 
2.    vara: Isabelle Christine Lecomte
3.    vara: Eoghan Reeves
4.    vara: Henk Keers

Gr. B – number of suggestions: 4
Elected as a member:

  • Felix Julian Halpaap

Elected as a deputy member:
1.    vara: Marie Eide Lien
2.    vara: Hannah Rose Babel
3.    vara: Casey William Nixon

Gr. C – number of suggestions: 4
Elected as a member:

  • Eivind Wilhelm Nagel Støren
  • Irene Heggstad

Elected as a deputy member:
1.    vara: Emilie Randeberg
2.    vara: Olav Audun Bjørkelund

Gr. D – number of suggestions: 6
Elected as a member:

  • Sverre Soldal
  • Natalie Blindheim Synnes
  • Lars Marius Lyngstadaas Søvik

Elected as a deputy member: 
1.    vara: Emma Brennvall Lorentzen
2.    vara: Eirik Valdar
3.    vara: Håvard Kolstø Jensen

Any complaints must be received by the election committee within 8 days (09.06.2021)


How to nomitate a candidate

Do you want to run as a candidate, or do you know someone who do - please let us know!

Deadline for the nomination of candidates is 23. March, 12:00 PM

  • The nomination has to be submitted in writing - please use the attached nomination form
  • The nomination must be signed by at least the same number of persons as the number of proposed candidates.
  • The nominating persons must themselves qualify to vote, see below
  • Each person can sign only one nomination
  • The nominated candidates must fullfil the voting requirements, see below
  • If candidates are proposed who can formally ask for an exemption, the nomination must be accompanied by the candidate's written consent

Nomnations can be sent to the Department's electional contact - see Fact box


Gr. B - we need 1 member and 2 substitute members

Gr. D - we need 2 members and 2 substitute members

The candidates will be elected for the term 01.08.2021 – 31.07.2022.

Gr. A - we need 4 members and 4 substitute members (head of department is one of the four)

Gr. C - we need 2 member and 2 substitute members

The candidates will be elected for the term 01.08.2021 – 31.07.2025.


Who can vote?

You can vote if you fulfill the following requirements:

Temporary academic staff employed in a minimum 50 % position for the coming 12 months or staff that have been consecutively employed for at least 12 months.

Students who are registered as a student and have paid their semester fees for the semester the election takes place, are entitled to vote.

Please check if you are eligible to vote: 


Members of staff

If you cannot find your name in the electoral register, please let ut know.  Send an e-mail to: valgstyret@uib.no 

The current composition of the department board

The Faculty's election committee spring 2021

Gr. A: Fredrik Manne, professor, department of Informatics, leader of the election committee,
Substitute member: Tanja Barth, professor, department of Chemistry

Gr. A: Jorun Egge, professor, department of Biological Sciences
Substitute member: Bjørn Grung, associate professor, department of Chemistry

Gr. B: Mathias Sæther, post doctoral fellow, department of Physics and Technology

Gr. C: Linda Vagtskjold, Head of administration, Department of Informatics
Substitute member: Ole Tumyr, senioringeniør, department of earth Science

Gr. D: Matias Helleve, master student, department of Physics and Technology