Department of Earth Science
Expedition with Kronprins Haakon

Studying vents below the Arctic ice

An international and multidisciplinary team of 36 scientists and engineers, with the assistance of the officers and crew of the vessel, conducted a multidisciplinary investigation of deep (4000 m) hydrothermal vents under permanent ice cover in the Arctic.

Eoghan Reeves i isen
Polar bear watch at 83°N
K. Hand (NASA-JPL)

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Department of Earth Sciences associate professor Eoghan Reeves, as well as Hans Tore Rapp, Ida H. Steen, Håkon Dahle (BIO), several PhDs, postdocs and engineers were onboard the ice breaker Kronprins Haakon in September-October, discovering hydrothermal vents at 83°N, Gakkel Ridge, as part of the Norwegian Research Council FRINATEK project HACON.

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