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Gas leaks in the Arctic Ocean

Trio of researchers discovered gas leaks in the middle of the Arctic Ocean

Professor emeritus Yngve Kristoffersen, who is part of the adventurous research trio in the Arctic Ocean, has published new findings from the expeditions by hovercraft. They have found direct indications of prospective source rocks for hydrocarbons along the Arctic Lomonosov ridge.

Forskertrio i Polisen
Ekspedisjonen i 2014 og 2015 bød på tøffe arktiske værforhold og fysisk isolasjon fra omverdenen i lang tid.

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In an article published in the journal Marine and Petroleum Geology (free access over a 50-day period), the trio of researchers describe the seismic data. On the Lomonosov ridge, which almost crosses the North Pole, they have, among other things, interpreted observed deformation and anomalies in the sedimentary layers at four localities. This means they are chimneys where gas and liquids have leaked. Read more from geoforskning.no here. (norwegian)