Department of Earth Science
Election 2022

Election 2022

Here you will find the results from the department council election at GEO for 2022


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Gr. B kandidatene (temporary staff in teaching and research positions):

Elected as a member: Felix Halpaap

Elected as deputy:
1: Marit Holten Løland
2: Thomas Øfstegaard Viflot

Gr. D (students):

Elected as members:
Andreas Landråk Skartveit
Severin Skattum
Erle Birkeland

Elected as deputy:
1: Carl August Brechan
2: Oda Kleveland
3: Torstein Jacobsen Eide

The election result was announced on 30.05.2022. Any complaints must be received by the election committee by 7 June 2022.

Valgstyret instituttrådet våren 2022

Instituttrådets nåværende sammensetning

Leder av Valgstyret
Fredrik Manne, professor
fredrik.manne@uib.noTlf. 55 58 41 90

Sekretær for Valgstyret
Gry E. Parker
gry.parker@uib.noTlf. 55 58 35 78

Kontaktperson ved Institutt for geovitenskap
Trine Lise Stjernholm
Stjernholm@uib.no Tlf. 55 58 35 80