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ACDC- Summerschool for geology, weather and climate

The Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses (ACDC) are a series of annual summer schools focusing climate dynamics

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The summer schools are organized by Kerim H. Nisancioglu at the department of Earth Sciences/Bjerknessenteret and Tore Furevik at the Geophysical Institute/Bjerknesenteret, University of Bergen, in collaboration with the University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

We have asked Kerim what the summer school is about, where it takes place and the purpose of it:

International summer school for PhD-students

During two weeks in August, 25 students from Norway and abroad, as well as 15 internationally renowned lecturers, gather to lecture and discuss topics related to geology, weather and climate.

How mountains are built and eroded

The topic of this years summer schools is "Landscapes and Climate" and takes place at Snøheim at the foot of Snøhetta on the Dover plateau. Focus is on how mountains are built and eroded with time.

Different locations

Earlier summer schools were held at the research stations at Finse and Espegrend, the MIT FabLab in Lyngen and at Friday Harbor Labs outside Seattle. Each year focuses on a new topic and there have been a large number of very highly qualified international applicants.

Main focus is on climate dynamics

The overarching focus is on climate dynamics and the coupling between empirical and theoretical sciences. This gives the students and lecturers a unique opportunity from different disciplines to meet and exchange ideas and create collaborations across the traditional fields of oceanography, meteorology, geology and geophysics.

Local scools invited for "open day"

This year we have invited local schools to an open day during the period we are a Snøheim were we aim to introduce the pupils and their teachers to the local geology, weather and climate of the Snøhetta massif. This outreach activity will be further developed together with NRK and DNT with the aim to make a few localities with geotagged information which can be visited by schools and hikers to learn more about earth sciences in the field also after the summer school.

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