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Field report from Greenland: basin analysis in high gear

For nearly three weeks, researchers from the University of Bergen, University of Tromsø and UNIS been doing sedimentological and structural geological analysis of a rift pool northeast Greenland. Following a report from the stay.

Hele gruppen i base camp, fra venstre mot høyre: Gijs Henstra, Ivar Midtkandal (UiO), Atle Rotevatn, Thomas Berg Kristensen og Sten-Andreas Grundvåg (UNIS)
Atle Rotevatn

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The expedition, led by Professor Atle Rotevatn from GEO / UiB, began in early August, when the expedition participants were flown via Iceland to Constable Ornaments by
Scoresby. From here, the journey went on a chartered twin-engine Twin Otter propeller plane, which is widely known for its ability to land almost anywhere as long as there is more or less flat. After an impressive landing at Lindeman Fjord on Wollaston Forland (approximately 74 degrees north) was base camp established close to the landing strip. Equipped with bold courage and a lot of good feltmat took so expedition participants embark on fieldwork. One of the main goals of the trip is related to Gijs Henstra's PhD (THEME: Tectonosedimentary Evolution of the Lofoten Margin), namely to increase the understanding of the provisions and structural controls on those in rift basins along the North Atlantic axis. As Gijs' PhD about pools off the coast of Lofoten, was field area selected on the basis of their resemblance to these.
Thomas Berg Kristensen also taking their PhD within similar themes (WebM: Tectonosedimentary Evolution of the Western Barents margin) was also very relevant and useful. Sten-Andreas Grundvåg from UNIS and Ivar Midtkandal from University was invited on the basis of their expertise in sedimentology and constituted an important part of the team. During the field their group found out that they were a well-oiled machine and a great team, and renamed themselves unceremoniously to 'Basin Analysis Rapid Response Task Force'. The company could also during their conclude that the whole thing was very fruitful professional and that Greenland is an excellent place to conduct fieldwork in beautiful and unspoilt nature and geology.