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GEOGIS Workshop

Street Network Analysis with Space Syntax

April is upon us, and so is the third GEOGIS workshop! It will take place on Friday 13th of April, at 13.00 to 16.00. Like last time, we will be in Ulrike Pihls hus, computer lab 305. This time, you will try your hands at street network analysis.

Space Syntax method
Kari E. Eriksen

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The United Nations suggests that we may see a global population of 11.2 billion in 2100. The world is already seeing a strong trend of urbanisation. Cities need strategies for handling this growth, and street network analysis can be a step on the way.

In this workhop, you will use the Space Syntax method to analyse the structure of spaces and street networks in Bergen, Norway. You will study integration of streets, potential for human movement, and visibility of street networks and public spaces.

We will use the open-source DepthmapX software and its various analyses (for example integration, segment and isovist analyses), as well as a GIS software for further analysis. DepthmapX is a simple program to use, and the topic should be interesting and suitable both for those without any GIS experience and GIS nerds alike.

You can sign up for the workshop here. If you have friends that may be interested, feel free to let them know.


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