Department of Geography

Dominic Bonsu

My topic is road transportation and rural development. The policy/project and the agriculture needs of the people. Perspective from Northern Ghana.

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I enjoy how the courses have be plan to complement each other and how lecturers of specific background take topics pertaining to their background.This allow students to experience or relate to topics more easily thus a better appreciation of the programme

Transport every where has been labelled an oracle by or around which societies are expected to develop. Road transport is the dominant means of transportation in African and remains the only means of transportation for rural dwellers. Transportation of their produce to markets remain the greatest concern of rural farmers.

In the light  of the above I want find out:

  • What characterized farmers who are able to use roads access to benefits     their farming practices with those who cannot? 
  • How does road access influence farming systems and the ability of farmers to bring their products to the markets?
  • How well are existing roads meeting the needs of  both male and female farmers?

Supervisor: Håvard Haarstad