Geophysical Institute

What happens after the studies?

After finishing his studies of meteorology, Fredrik Villanger has worked for three different companies, each with a different perspective, but with a common question: How does weather affect the world's energy resources?

The weather influences energy resources and the cost of electricity. In BKK I take part in improving decision making tools for power production. Our aim is to optimize the use of resources, with regard to both economy and the benefit to society.

Fredrik completed his Master thesis on katabatic winds on Spitsbergen, at the Geophysical institute and the University Centre in Svalbard in 1999.

His first job involved mapping wind resources, for the Norwegian wind energy company Kjeller Vindteknikk. In 2002 he began to work as a forecast meteorologist for Storm Weather Center, later becoming responsible for the firm's energy market products.

In 2007 he switched to the energy company BKK, where he works as a resource planner.