Global Challenges

Reclaiming Indigenous Land: Developments in Canada; Lessons for Norway

The successes and challenges faced by indigenous peoples in their struggles to gain control of their traditional lands and resources.

Jaanus Jägomagi on Unsplash

Aaron Spitzer (UiB) 

In recent decades, Indigenous peoples in North America as well as Fennoscandia have sought renewed control of their traditional lands and resources. In northern Canada, especially, they have had notable success. There, “land-claims settlements” have secured Indigenous land title and provided them with rights and powers over natural resources. This has produced benefits – as well as unexpected challenges. 

Meanwhile, following in their footsteps, the Sami of Norway have recently won enhanced control over northern lands and resources, including through Europe’s first-ever Indigenous land-claims settlement. 

What lessons can Sami glean from the benefits and challenges experienced by Indigenous peoples in Canada?

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Aaron Spitzer is a researcher at the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. He is a specialist in arctic indigenous governance, and has knowledge about different indigenous peoples in various parts of the world. 


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