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CISMAC activity in Uganda

The Thematic area: Global Health aims to do research, teaching and capacity building in global health in order to contribute to improved health in the poorer countries of the world.

Cultural Competance Doctors

Doctors need Cultural Training

A UiB-study shows that general practioners in Norway show little competency in understanding different cultures. Associate Professor Esperanza Diaz asks for mandatory training.

SDG Conference 2018

Knowledge for our common future

Norwegian Universities and the Sustainable Development Goals: conference at the University of Bergen, 8-9 February, 2018.

Pascal Lamy leder EU-kommisjonens ekspertgruppe som evaluerer Horisont 2020-rammeverket, her i 2013 da han fremdeles var leder for WTO.

Expert group proposes a doubling of the EU's research fund

Investments in research, innovation and education are not only economically necessary, but also a social responsibility, according to a report on the EU's future knowledge policy.

Research project
Map over the African countries: Malawi, Uganda and Kenya

Malaria Chemoprevention for the post-discharge management of severe anaemia in children in Malawi, Uganda and Kenya

The main objectives of this project are to evaluate whether it is safe and efficacious to routinely prevent malaria by giving antimalarial drugs during the first three months after discharge from hospital.

Online education
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