Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
Trial lecture

Trial lecture: Aashifa Yaqoob

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Topic: «Challenges and advances in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children».

Candidate from Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care/Center for International Health
Main supervisor: Professor Sven Gudmund Hinderaker
Co-supervisor: Ph.d. Razia Fatima

1st opponent: Professor Anneke Hesseling, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
2nd opponent: Professor Rai Asghar, Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan.
Committee leader: Associate professor Bernt B. Aarli, University of Bergen.
The dissertation is led by professor Bente E. Moen.

Guidelines for audience: 
• If you have any questions after the trial lecture, please write in the chat section «I have a question». The leader of the defence will then let you speak. When asking your question, please turn ON your video and microphone.
• If anybody wishes to oppose ex auditorio, please write that in the commentary section before the first opponent has finished.
• We advise everybody to test your computer equipment before the PhD defence.

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