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Education and research to reduce malnutrition in DR Congo.

Among African countries DR Congo has one of the highest burdens of malnutrition, especially among preschool children. The project aims to reach a sufficient number of Congolese academics holding the capacity to educate postgraduate candidates and promote, initiate and conduct research geared towards reducing the problem of malnutrition in DR Congo through a multi-sectorial approach.

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The 5 year project will develop institutional capacity at the School of Public Health in Kinshasa, DR Congo, through collaboration for implementation and maintenance of a nutritional epidemiological education and research programme. The programme will have three major components including:

  1. The creation of a 2-year Master and 3-year PhD program in nutritional epidemiology for students of DR Congo,
  2. training staff members to PhD level and to
  3. conducting high-level relevant research in the rural research site of Bwamanda and in other areas, for practical training and research.

In this way it is envisioned that the project will create capacity among government, NGOs and private role players especially in sectors working with food production, nutrition and health.

The GROWNUT project falls within the ‘Health’ sub-programme of NORHED, with links to the sub-programmes of Natural resource management, climate change and environment.

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