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Lægreid has written a chapter for The Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics

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Professor Per Lægreid has written a chapter, “Nordic Administrative Traditions”, that is included in the book “The Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics”. Lægreid describes the structure and characteristics of the Nordic model for public administration, what reforms it produces, and gives a historical overview of its development. He highlights the relationship between administration, political institutions, and society as a whole as important for this model.
Though the Scandinavian countries have notable differences historically in administrative traditions – Sweden is designated as an Eastern Nordic model with its distinctive system for responsibilities within public administration – there are also many similarities. Scandinavia has long had strong unions, especially in the public sector, and the countries governments are regarded by the World Bank as being highly effective, with a strong rule of law, and having control of corruption.
With a focus on comparison of geographic areas, as well as a diverse methodological and theoretical approach, the book provides an immersive perspective on Scandinavian politics. The book is edited by Peter Nedergaard and Anders Wivel, and is a part of Routledge’s international book series. It is available as a hardback and e-book since June 27.