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Getting to Norway

Research in Public Administration has shifted towards internationalization

Nærøyfjord, Sogn og Fjordane

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Professor Per Lægreid has written an article published in the “International Journal of Public Sector Management” titled “Getting to Norway – Thirty years of Public Management Research: Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Challenges”. He evaluates research in Public Administration and how the relative autonomy of governments has been challenged on democratic accountability.

The finding is that this research has shifted towards internationalization. Though this is also the case for Norway, he highlights that Norwegian research focuses on “living” organizations and institutions, with a strong empirical orientation. There is, in Lægreid’s view, a need for stronger evidence-based policy making in administrative studies – especially for “wicked issues” such as globalization, internationalization, climate change, migration, an aging population, digitalization and social security.

The article is available to read online from EmeraldInsight’s page for the International Journal of Public Sector Management.