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Organization unbound. The abundance of partial organization in social life

We are proud to present Nils Brunsson as the speaker on the 2019 March/Olsen lecture.


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The Department of Administration and Organization Theory is proud to introduce the annual lecture series; March / Olsen Honorary Lecture 2019


This lecture series pays tribute to the great scholarly contributions by James G. March and Johan P. Olsen within the fields of organizational and institutional theory.

Nils Brunsson  is a leading international  organizational theorist, and Professor in Management at  Uppsala University. He has been member of the governing board of SCANCOR at Stanford University and he  is one of the  founders of Stockholm Centre of Organizational Research (SCORE).  He is most known for his works in the field of new institutionalism and decision theory. He has published more than 30 books and numerous articles on organizations and institutions on topics such as constructing organizations and partial organizations. His most cited book is The Organization of Hypocrisy. His books also include The Irrational Organization, The Consequences of Decision Making, Mechanisms of HopeMeta-Organizations, A World of Standards and Organizing and Reorganizing  Markets.  Together with Professor Johan P. Olsen he has published The Reforming Organization and  Organizing Organizations.

The title of his lecture is

  • Organization unbound. The abundance of partial organization in social life 



  • The lecture is open to the general public