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Is COVID-19 a Driver for Digital Change?

New blog post from the TROPICO project written by Line Marie Sørsdal and Karolina Półtorak.

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COVID-19 has created unexpected challenges for how we live, work and interact. The employees and the students of the University of Bergen (UiB) have during the first two weeks of the lockdown shown both willingness and skills to adapt to become a digital university.

In the latest blog post from the TROPICO project, Line Marie Sørsdal and Karolina Półtorak reflect on the experiences of remote home office and the use of digital tools at the UiB during the crisis.

Part of the explanation as to why UiB employees and students have been able to switch to remote offices and online teaching in such a short time is that several digital solutions were in place prior to the crisis. In the blog post, the head of administration at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory - Charlotte Lillefjære-Tertnæs also shares her reflections on the main challenges during the transition and our increasing dependence on digital platforms.

The blog further highlights that physical distancing and isolation do not necessarily equal exclusion, and that the crisis has created a need to digitally interact with colleagues more often. Read the full text “Home Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic – a Driver for Digital Change?here.


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