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TROPICO Online Series 2020

TROPICO-project launches digital workshops

The EU Horizon 2020 project TROPICO invites you to participate in three virtual sessions, presenting ongoing research and discussing relevant topics related to the project.

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Societies and governments across Europe aim to become more open and connected using digital tools. Providing ICT-enabled public services has become a priority for most European governments, promising more efficient and high quality services. Connecting various stakeholders is a central objective of contemporary open and digital governments. In this context, governments increasingly seek to establish collaborations, on the one hand between governments, and on the other hand between governments and the private sector. These collaborations provide both shared public services and aim to establish new ICT-enabled public services.

The TROPICO Online Series 2020 aims to unpack how public and private actors collaborate to facilitate the digital transformation in Europe and which challenges they face. 

The online event explores the potential of collaborative governance in providing high quality ICT-enabled public services, responding to the challenges that governments face in their efforts towards becoming more open and innovative. All sessions will gather practitioners and academics from across Europe, providing an arena for sharing experiences and generating broader insights on collaboration and digitalisation.

The Online Series consists of three free digital sessions using Microsoft Teams.

Session 1: Collaborating for Digital Transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Online Series start off with the pressing concern of tackling the current COVID-19 pandemic. Governments around the world struggle to get the infection rate under control.New policies and services are being introduced, of which some are meant to monitor and control infection outbreaks. This session focuses on some of these new services, and how collaboration between governments, private firms and third sector organizations can help in generating and providing new services.

Speakers include Professor Eva Sørensen (Roskilde School of Governance), Tõnis Jaagus (Head of the Health Division of the E-services Development Department, Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre, Estonia) and Holke Brammer (ProjectTogether, Germany).

Session 2: Digital Transformation: The Challenge of Better Collaboration within Government

Session 2 focuses on the research and findings of TROPICO Work Package 6, which is aimed at studying the collaboration between governments and how this affects the digital transformation of these governments. Emphasis is placed on collaboration in the context of Smart Cities.

Speakers include Professor Jane Fountain (Distinguished professor of political science and public policy and founder and director of the National Center for Digital Government, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA), Professor Gerhard Hammerschmid (Hertie School, Germany) and a panel with practitioners from leading European Smart Cities.

Session 3: Public-private collaboration for ICT-enabled service innovation

Session 3 discusses public-private collaboration and how it affects the creation of ICT-enabled public services. Emphasis is placed on how governments collaborate with private firms, the third sector, non-profit organizations, and citizens and users to jointly create new ICT-enabled services (with a focus on eHealth services). The session is based on international research comparing innovation oriented partnerships in five European countries (Work Package 7, TROPICO).

Speakers include Vincent Dupont (Federal Public Service Health, Belgium), Professor Koen Verhoest (University of Antwerp, Belgium) as well as a panel with participants from across Europe.

Please visit the Tropico website for more information about the programme and speakers: https://tropico-project.eu/summit-2020/.