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New book and article

New book and article from professor Ishtiaq Jamil

Professo‪r Ishtiaq Jamil with a newly published book (Palgrave) and article (Public Administration) with empirical examples from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Ishtiaq Jamil
Former PhD fellow Hasan Muhammed Baniamin and professor Ishtiaq Jamil has newly published an article and book

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Professor Ishtiaq Jamil at the departement has newly published a new book from Palgrave and an article in the Journal Public Administration.

The book, with title "Policy Response, Local Service Delivery, and Governance in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka" is edited with colleagues Tek Nath Dhakal, Sk Tawfique M Haque, Laxmi Kanta Paudel and Hasan Muhammad Baniamin. The book analyzes contemporary issues in governance, policy management, and policy performance both at the central and local levels in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The focus is on some central social issues such as empowerment, the inclusion of minorities, institutional trust, policy implementation, and local service delivery. Although these three countries have recently opted for democratic governance, the journey to establish and consolidate democracy as well as enhance governance capacity have been painful and filled with challenges.

Read more about the book here

With former PhD Fellow Hasan Muhammed Baniamin at the departmenet, professor Ishtiaq Jamil has also published a new article in the journal of a Public Administration with the title «Effects of representative bureaucracy on perceived performance and fairness: Experimental evidence from South Asia”. The authors explore the relationship between gender representation in bureaucracy and perceived performance and fairness. It uses data from a survey experiment that was part of a national representative survey conducted in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

You can read more about the findings of the article here.