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Accountability and inter-organizational collaboration

Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja with new publication in Public Management Review.

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In the forthcoming special issue of Public Management Review on accountability and legitimacy in collaborative governance Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja present an exciting new article with the title: "Accountability and inter-organizational collaboration within the state".

The article discusses collaborative arrangements within the state and looks at their consequences for democratic accountability in networked governance involving public actors at different levels and in different policy areas. Applying an institutional perspective, it examines two such collaborations in Norway: work-related organized crime and vulnerable youths.

It finds that horizontal collaborationsincorporate local differentiation and expertise resulting in a ‘collaborative culture’ facilitating broader involvement and more deliberative processes. However, top-down mechanisms, organizational commitment, resource allocation, and monitoring are also important.

The cases demonstrate a shift towards more informal, voluntary, and horizontal accountability existing in the shadow of hierarchy, constraining the collaborative arrangements’ effectiveness and making them more complex and multi-layered.

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The article is part for the TROPICO project that is funded under the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme.