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Welcome to the Department of Government’s first tenure-track associate professor!

Esther Song started in January as the Department of Government’s first tenure track associate professor, focusing on China as a global actor.

Portrett av Esther Song.
Jenny Guo Strømsnes

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Song will conduct research on China as a global actor and Chinese politics and government in the 21st century, as well as broader China-related topics. She approaches her research on civil society in China from an outsourcing perspective; that is on how NGOs form contracts with the government. Through this perspective, she sees her research as relevant to organizational and administrative perspectives. With this research background and perspectives, Song will be joining the research group Governing Global Challenges.

Other than researching the topic of civil society, she also works on international affairs in East Asia. Her research interests include US-China tensions, and how they are affecting politics in the Asia-Pacific region. Her methodological interests include survey analysis and computational text analysis.

Song will be teaching a course offered to students in the Department's two master's programmes: "Politics and Governance of Global Challenges" and "Politics and Governance". The elective course GOV360-4: China in Global Politics focuses on China as a global actor and Chinese politics and government in the 21st century. Song early anticipates developing the curriculum for the course and engaging fully in teaching at the Department.

We warmly welcome Esther to our department!