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Seminars: Paola Mattei

Paola Mattei is a University Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy and Fellow of the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford University. She has previously held postdoctoral research fellowship appointments at the University of Bremen, Germany, and London School of Economics

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Paola is the author of the monograph Restructuring Welfare Organizations in Europe: From Democracy to Good Management? (2009). She has published her research on European health care and education policies in Public Administration, Western European Politics and Journal of Legislative Politics. 

Her research interests include European social policy, comparative welfare reforms, the politics of health care reforms, education policies and educational inequalities in the UK, France and Germany.

She is partner in the upcoming  international collaborative project on Reforming the Welfare State: Democracy, Accountability and Management, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and chaired by Per Lægreid.

Paola Mattei will be appointed to an adjunct professorship at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory for a two year period, starting October 2010.

She will be at the department from 31.8-1.9 and will give two seminars.

Tuesday August 31,  10:15-14:00 . “The New Geography of Education Inequalities in England and France”.  Seminar room 2nd floor, Department of Administration & Organization Theory, Christiesgate 17.

Wednesday September 1, 14.15-1600. “Restructuring Welfare Organizations in Europe. From Democracy to Good Management?”.  Seminar room, 3rd floor, Department of Administration & Organization Theory, Christiesgate 17.