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Cultural day

Several master students from several countries and continents decided to have a cultural day on October 24th. Books and thesis writing were swapped for a visit to the University Museum for Cultural and Natural History.

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This was one of the last days in five years (!) to access the Natural History collections. As the rain poured down outside, we enjoyed strolling around inside. Laughter could be heard as we moved around watching both beautiful and strange animals, large fish skeletons, traditional Norwegian costumes and even art work from Makerere University - where several of us have been former students. After a couple of hours with impressions from the museum half of the group joined for the movie "Fall and Winter", which was showing at Verftet by Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). The movie gave perspectives on environmental degradation and climate change, governance and civil society iniatives. Creative persons in the movie inspired us on how to live more sustainable every day lives. Who knows, maybe our next Cultural event will be about urban gardening or resource utilization?

We strolled from Verftet at Nordnes and back to the city center with inspired minds and happy faces.